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Edwardian Fantasy
Mrs. Darling
Fantasy Gown

Mrs. Darling

We decided to go to the Los Angeles Edwardian Ball this year and while I know it's not really for Edwardian costumes and more of an Edward Gorey look I still decided to go a bit fantasy Edwardian. This look is by no means historically accurate but has more of a storybook feel to it. In my head I liked the idea of it being Mrs. Darling from Peter Pan or even a grown up Wendy. When I arrived quite a few people shouted out Cinderella hahaha so I guess it could be viewed that way as well. It was difficult to get good shots because of the lighting and it was a bit busy but the few we did get with this background I absolutely love!

Personal Projects

I love to make costumes for myself and have listed my Personal Projects for your amusement and viewing pleasure.

Please note that this costume is not for sale. If you have a creative idea for a costume and would like me to make it for you, then please contact me via my "Custom Request" contact form.

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