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Alice Coat
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Alice Coat

Travel through Wonderland even on those chilled nights with this Alice in Wonderland coat. This replica coat is made from periwinkle blue 100% wool and is lined with a silky blue lining. There is a hook and eye at the waist for closure along with a loop to go over one button. The rest of the buttons are for decoration. Please note this coat has no pockets but I can put some simple square pockets on the inside. At the moment the pricing is for those who have a Bust size no larger then 37" and a waist no larger then 35". If your measurements are larger then that please contact me and we can discuss the pricing. Also this wool is very limited and once it is gone I will have to search for a different blue wool. This color wool is rare and while I'll try my best to match as close to possible it may vary from coat to coat. I'd also like to mention that I can do this coat in any color and print as well so if you'd like it to be red or with a herringbone pattern let me know and we can talk it over!

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Allow up to 6 weeks

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